Video game localization company Sekai Project explained to the Hardcore Gamer website its reasons for removing DEADFACTORY’s Yohjo Simulator game from Steam on November 20.

yohjo01.pngAccording to Sekai Project, the developer had received numerous complaints about the game, as well as requests for its removal from Steam. A scene in the game depicts an adult male standing over a young female character lying on the ground, with discarded underwear beside her. Sekai Project did not realize that the scene was present in the game, and removed the game from Steam when they found out.

The company will now work with the original developer to remove the scene and anything that “remotely resembles” it. It will also add gameplay features and content. Sekai Project apologized for not removing the scene from the game earlier .

Sekai Project released the “little girl simulator” on Steam on November 17. DEADFACTORY posted on Twitter on Wednesday that the game “will soon be available on Steam again,” although the developer could not specify a date.

The game’s Steam Greenlight page — which is still available — describes the game:

This is a little girl simulator.
You become a 3rd grade elementary girl and wander around town. There’s no goal in this game. You need to decide the goal for yourself. It’s the same as in life. This is an amazingly realistic simulator.

[Via Siliconera]

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