Sonic the Hedgehog’s creator isn’t happy about Sega giving away Sonic 2, Nights for free on Steam

Legendary game designer Yuji Naka says he wishes Sega valued them a little more.

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Affordable luxury AND cheap beauty? We test Japan’s 100-yen Steam Face Mask【Photos】

Our 100 yen shop expert puts his face on the line.

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KFC’s dating sim cooks up fingerlickin’ Colonel Sanders romance, but the recipe feels off【Review】

While the presentation sizzles like a chicken wing fresh from the fryer, the content is a creamy, cold mash with no gravy.

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New Japanese video game lets you compete in an international toilet racing circuit

And all from the comfort of your own toilet if you have a laptop.

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Japanese console game market shrinks to nearly one-third its size ten years ago

Japanese game makers and distributors are in need of a serious power-up.

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Video game answers age-old question: Could Jesus kick Buddha’s butt?

Two-dimensional fighting game Fight of Gods offends me deeply, but I wonder how religious people feel about it.

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Have a moving Hatsune Miku come to life inside your computer desktop background

Oh, hello there. What are you doing outside of the computer?

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Longest Five Minutes Game Gets English Release, Trailer

Adventure RPG slated for 2017 in N. America, Europe

Sekai Project explains Yohjo Simulator game’s removal from Steam

Video game localization company Sekai Project explained to the Hardcore Gamer website its reasons for removing DEADFACTORY’s Yohjo Simulator game from Steam on November 20.

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Controversial “little girl simulator” game pulled from Steam just days after release

Yohjo Simulator was released into the world this week, but it seems that the world might not have been ready for it.

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“Yohjo Simulator” lets you wreak havoc as a little girl with a penchant for headbutting【Video】

Thanks to the runaway popularity of wacky physics games with the word “simulator” in the title (yes, I’m looking at you, Surgeon, Goat and Tabletop Simulators), it was only a matter of time before a Japanese developer decided to out-weird their Western counterparts with a distinctly Japanese “simulator” game.

That game is Yohjo Simulator, and of course it’s bizarre and unsettling.

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