Lash 1 - コピー_R

If you want to cosplay as a beautiful boy from an anime or manga, then this may be exactly what you need to recreate that cool, long-lashed look!

Assist Wig, a Japanese retailer specializing in wigs and cosplay items, is now selling false eyelashes made especially for cosplayers emulating the look of anime and manga boys with impossibly long lashes.

The lashes are apparently an original item from Assist Wig, and they’re calling it the “Boys Lash — Straight false eyelashes for dressing up as a man“. And as the name suggests, these lashes are straight, not overly voluminous and curled like the standard fake lashes for women.

▼ Here’s how it looks before and after putting on the lashes from the side …

Lash 2_R

▼ … and from the front.

Lash 3_R

▼ And here, you can see the difference between a regular set of fake lashes (left) and the straight Boys Lash (right).

Lash 4_R

Well, we guess the product does seem to add length and volume to the lashes without being overly decorative, and it’s being marketed as a way to simulate the long eyelashes typically seen on the dreamy-looking boys in manga and anime. And if you want to tone down the effect, you can always cut the lashes to the length of your choice.

▼ It actually looks quite nice from this angle (although we’re not quite sure if the lashes really make you look like a boy).

Lash 5_R

The Boys Lash comes in a package containing five pairs of lashes in a “brown mix” color for 280 yen (US$2.30), although you’ll need to get your own glue as that isn’t included. While the product description seems to indicate that Boys Lash is intended mainly for women cosplaying as male characters, we’re sure the item can be used by men trying to achieve the anime look as well.

So, all of you brave guys out there, if you want to find out how you look with long beautiful lashes, this is your chance to find out!

Source and photos: Assist Wig online shop