Gundam 18

This suite has been open for a while now, but we definitely think you’ve never seen it up close like this before.

We’ve known about the Gundam-themed suite at the Grand Pacific Le Daiba hotel in Tokyo’s Odaiba neighborhood for some time now, but the photos and videos don’t do the rooms enough justice. Thanks to Appetite For Japan, we now have an English-narrated tour of the suite so you can plan out your own Gundam fantasies.

The suite is separated into two rooms, one themed for Amuro and the Earth Federation and the other for Char and the Principality of Zeon. Each room is decked out in the appropriate faction-themed decorations with plenty of artwork from the show as well as gigantic murals on the walls.

Gundam 7

All parts of the rooms have been given special attention in order to maximize the amount of “Gundam” that can be applied to every surface. Not even the toilet or the closet is safe from becoming Gundam-themed.

▼ Brown Gundam, prepare for launch!

Gundam 3

The living room part of the suite is decorated for Amuro and the Earth Federation, and while gigantic and intricate models decorate the room, the highlight has to be the RX-78-2 cockpit that you can sit in. Filled with lights and sounds, this is a replica of the same cockpit that Amuro sits in when he pilots his Gundam.

Gundam 6

Over on the bedroom side, Char and the Principality of Zeon rule your sleepy time. Here, you will find plenty more artwork and models along with themed bed linens that will make you think you are sleeping in a Zeon base, which isn’t to say it’s not luxurious. The calming maroon color and decadent design make the bedroom feel like a place to kick back and relax.

Gundam 12

There are plenty of Gundam-themed amenities that you get to take home with you so you can always remember your stay at the Grand Pacific Le Daiba.

Gundam 15

Those who are interested in staying in the Gundam suite or any of the rooms can book online, in English, at JAPANiCAN. Just remember that the Grand Pacific is a five-star hotel, so be ready to pay five-star prices. Thanks again to our friends over at Appetite For Japan, who were willing to shell out the big bucks and give us a guided tour of the Gundam suite. Be sure to check out more of their great Japan stories on their website.

Source, images: YouTube/Appetite For Japan