Just keep drawing.” To improve his skills, a striving artist takes this advice and runs with it… to a rather unlikely place!

Gone are the days of paper and pencil, tablet and Illustrator—it’s beginning to seem like Microsoft Excel might be the perfect outlet for those with an artistic calling.

But simply using a certain tool won’t instantly make you a better artist, so how to go about improving your skills? @okayado on Twitter says, “Just keep drawing.”

Aaccording to @Enbos, however, there is a correct and incorrect way to interpret this bit of advice:

▼ ・Advice: “It can be anything, just keep drawing”. ○Correct interpretation: “All right, I’m gonna draw lots of pictures!” ×Incorrect interpretation: “…I guess ‘anything’ means I can use anything to draw with?” →Result: Uses Excel



Well, it looks like it wasn’t necessarily an “incorrect” method for Enbos to use, as his Excel-made drawings are pretty impressive.

Seeing the finished product is impressive enough, yet seeing each part of the work that was created and adjusted individually has convinced me to just stick with my traditional sketch pad and pencil.


As for Enbos, he works as a freelance writer and game scenario director, and will draw anything and everything. But, he claims, he can’t draw unless he uses Excel or Illustrator.

A humbling statement, but that doesn’t mean we think him any less talented!

Source and images: Twitter/@Enos