Google Japan creates the Key Bou, an insane and logical straight-bar keyboard【Video】

Unless you’re a cat, there’s actually lot to like, as long as you’re OK with puns and craziness.

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Google Japan unveils tea-cup shaped keyboard with open-source all-fish input system

Someday our grandchildren will wonder what life was like before we all typed on tea cups.

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Gag or actually functional office piece? Oversized Enter key amazes us—with its uselessness

Is there a limit to the madness of IT? Apparently not.

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Can you find the “Kyushu button?”

You need to enter the mind of a child to find it.

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Tech geek heaven: Japan’s first do-it-yourself keyboard specialist shop opens in Akihabara

Design a truly unique keyboard just for you.

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New light-up keyboard makes it feel like you’re traversing space and time with every letter

It’s a mesmerizing light show with every tap of the keys!

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Pro player reaches top 8 in Dragon Ball FighterZ competition using piano keyboard as controller

Tap that C, D sharp, and F sharp to unleash Goku’s ultimate!

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Keyboard with light-up, “flying” letters looks like a reverse typing rhythm game【Video】

A Japanese inventor creates a projection mapping-enabled keyboard with letters that fly out into space as you type.

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New product combines PC, keyboard and mouse into one for a super-compact desktop computer

…monitor not included.

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Has it come to this? Japanese company produces plastic cover to keep kitty off your keyboard

If you have a cat at home, there’s a good chance you’re well aware of the frustrations felines can introduce to owners, like walking all over keyboards or stealing your seat the second you get up. Sure, we forgive them, and we might even find it kind of cute, but eventually the “pranks” get old and we just want to be able to sit down and write the next great novel without having to delete our cats’ helpful additions of  “jmmmmmmmmmm;;;;;;;acccccieiei1” every few minutes.

But what’s to be done against the wiles of a determined cat?! Well, you could lock your cat out of the room, but that would just be depressing. Or you could turn to Bessed, a design and manufacturing company that provides consumers with some…unique products. The company recently announced the release of their Neko Pochi Keyboard Cover, which is a keyboard cover designed to hold the weight of a cat over your keyboard so you can type. Now you know what to get all the cat-owners on your holiday gift list!

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Tied to a desk but wish you were outdoors? Grab yourself a lawn-feel keyboard!

I’m sure most of us would rather be out in the fields with the sun on our face and the wind in our hair each day than shackled to a desk like a clone bred to serve the gods of the Cloud with their important databases and spreadsheets, but needs must and without hours of computer work our world would be on its knees in days. Thankfully, online “keyboard workshop” FILCO is bringing the outdoors to us with its new “Midori” lawn-type keyboard, which features a soft, turfy finish that will tickle your palms and wrists throughout the day, reminding you that life isn’t all pie charts and quarterly reviews.

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Birds Reclaim Social Networking Site Twitter, Leave Cryptic Messages and LOL@stupidhumans

Perhaps irked by the fact that we humans are tweeting almost as much as they are, perhaps just victims of the information age like the rest of us, birds have taken to keyboards to share their thoughts through micro-blogging site Twitter. No word yet as to whether they’re just telling us what they had for lunch or the topics they’re trending…

A bird lover in Latvia has set up a twitter account just for his local birds, and let’s them do the typing, with the account having already attracted more than 2,000 followers. Read More