In modding communities of all kinds, there has always been the age-old debate of whether form or function carries more importance. There are plenty of car enthusiasts, for example, who are happy to mod their ride with dozens of cosmetic upgrades that do nothing for performance.

PC modder and artist Hirohito Ikeuchi is happy, apparently, to ignore function altogether, as this steampunk military-themed customized PC proves. The attention to detail in the modded PC is astounding, with life-like figures in fighting poses among steampunk mechs, tanks and even palm trees.


You’ll notice, however, that the keyboard is nigh inaccessible despite the PC being functional – and complete with mildly embarrassing girl anime screensaver. There’s no doubt that attempting to even input a simple command on this computer could result in serious injury from a model soldier’s upthrust sword or some other sharp edge.


Still, the PC is a mind-boggling sight to behold and it’s getting a lot of attention in the modding community, earning Ikeuchi the respect of discerning modders regardless of functionality. Here’s a little look at some of his other work.

Source: My Game News Flash