The likeness is astounding.

Of all the things a cute pug dog might look like, a piece of seafood isn’t one that springs to mind. Twitter user @CreamyMainoko made this clever observation, though, posting two photos side by side to show the likeness, and since then, it’s been blowing everyone’s minds.

▼ The secret to the similarity is the dog’s shape and its distinctive colouring. With a light-coloured body and dark ears and snout, pugs look remarkably similar to…


▼ … oysters!

Since tweeting the dual image, with the comment, “I suddenly realised…pugs look just like raw oysters!”, it’s been retweeted more than 70,000 times. The retweets are growing by the day, as more and more Twitter users stumble upon the amazing revelation, leaving comments like:

How did I never realise this until now?

This is an exact match! It made me lol.

They’re both so plump!

Before reading the comment I could hardly see the difference between the two photos.

This is great because I love oysters AND I love pugs!

Could it be possible that I now feel like eating a pug?

So this must be why I feel icky whenever I see a pug on the street!

After seeing the images, netizens have been pondering all types of new doggy dishes, like raw pugs, fried pugs, and hotpot pugs. One Twitter user even shared this disturbing image of “pug ramen”.

We’ll never look at pugs or raw oysters in the same way ever again!

Source: Hamusoku
Top image: Twitter/@CreamyMainoko (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert image: pbs.twimg.com