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Are you able to suitably show off your appreciation for one of the most critically acclaimed magical girl anime in the last five years? If not, come see what is in store after the jump!

The genre of magical girl anime spans a pretty large list of anime that is often topped by all-time classic Sailor Moon. Many of the plots are usually pretty similar and feature a coming of age story that balances magical powers and responsibilities with a bit of teenage angst. The formula works well, but it usually appeals mostly to young girls and anime fans with specific genre tastes.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica turned all that on its head back in 2011 when producer Atsuhiro Iwakami asked his staff to make the storyline “heavy” and hoped to create a magical girl series that appealed to a wider audience of anime fans. You could say it was a pretty big success as the characters in the show become magical girls but also must deal with what it means to receive those powers and the consequences that come along with it. No spoilers, but you should probably go watch it.

▼ After finishing, you can look forward to these watches and bracelets!

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For those of your who are already fans, anime accessory company Super Groupies has a new line of Madoka Magica-inspired watches and bracelets. Actually, they’re cute enough to wear even if you don’t know the series at all.

▼ Madoka Kanome

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▼Homura Akemi

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▼ Mami Tomoe

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▼ Sayaka Mikimadoka 8

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▼ Kyoko Sakura

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While the original show appeals to a wider audience, these accessories are definitely aimed at girls and younger women. If you find the watches to be a bit out of your price range at 13,800 yen (US$114.55), the bracelets are well-priced so that they should be affordable to most fans at 1,980 yen ($16.45). You can pre-order these awesome accessories on the Super Groupies website until January 11, 2016 and then your product will ship by April in 2016. Go quickly—time is running out!

Source & Images: Super Groupies