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Giant anime boobs finally reach their inevitable and oddly comical ultimate extreme.

In general, anime boobs differ from their real-life counterparts in two key ways. First, and most obviously, they tend to grow far larger than reality would allow, But equally unrealistic is the way they seem unaffected by gravity, remaining undauntedly perky even without any bra to support them and rarely straining the muscles of the back despite their ponderous globosity.

But what if you kept up the first half of the anime boob fantasy but jettisoned the second? In other words, what if you literally gave anime characters breasts the size of their heads, but also gave them weight? “They wouldn’t even be able to stand up!” is the obvious answer, and that seems to be exactly what’s going on with Nipaishin, an upcoming line of anime merchandise from Yokohama-based design company Vorpal.

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At first glance, the characters might seem to be drawn in the nitoshin, or “two-head scale,” style in which an anime character’s proportions are compacted so that the head and the rest of the body are the same size. “Nipaishin,” though, means “two-breast scale,” and the characters’ busts compose exactly half of their mass.

▼ As demonstrated by the Nipaishin brand’s disturbing marionette mascot, Paibo

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In all honesty, the characters’ inability to stand probably isn’t a specific attempt to show how much their oversized breasts would weigh, but rather the result of just devoting as much artwork space as possible to the chest. Of course, where anime boobs are found, Kenichiro Takaki, creator of ninja action/boob-watching anime and video game franchise Senran Kagura, isn’t far behind. Takaki has thrown his weight behind the Nipaishin project, coming onboard as a special advisor. That’s only fitting, since six of the eight as-yet announced anime characters who are getting Nipaishin makeovers hail from Senran Kagura.

Senran Kagura’s Asuka

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▼ Homura

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▼ Yumi

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▼ Miyabi

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▼ Kagura

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▼ Naraku

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Also represented are two characters from Takaki’s newest pet project, Valkyrie Drive, which is fitting, seeing as the anime and video game franchise has been a pioneer in the field of assigning weight to fictional breasts.

Valkyrie Drive’s Rinka

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▼ Ranka

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In the near future, Vorpal plans to open an online shop to sell Nipaishin merchandise. A promotional mockup shows that the company hopes to offer keychains, pins, stickers, and ema (Shinto shrine wish boards).

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It’s still uncertain, though, what specific products will be going on sale, as well as whether or not there will ever be an illustration of a Nipaishin girl standing up.

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