Up until now, the robot-fighting franchise has primarily been aimed at kids, but this year it’s getting moe-ified.

Medabots, known as Medarot in Japan, is a video game franchise which has also had successful anime and manga spinoffs. It’s primarily aimed at kids as the main focus is a group of children battling with artificially intelligent robots, in a similar vein to other popular franchises like Pokémon, Beyblade, and so on.

However, the advertising for the latest game seems to show a change in direction for the series. Medabots Girls Mission promises “lots of cute girls”, and busty moe characters fill the promotional image with just one robot relegated to the bottom left-hand corner. Like many other companies before them, it looks like the developers are seeking to appeal to the otaku crowd who are willing (they hope) to drop their cash like it’s hot whenever there’s a cute anime girl involved.


Famitsu’s preview reveals that there will be two versions of the game, Kabuto Version and Kuwagata Version, each following a different female protagonist and their Medabot. In the story, your goal is to win the Artemis Cup Medabot tournament.

The gameplay will revolve around two vs two battles where you operate your Medabot to destroy the two opposing Medabots and win the match. The other Medabot fighting alongside you on your team is called your “Buddy” and, although you can’t operate it, its abilities will level up as you fight together.


The game is scheduled for release on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on March 10, at a price of 5,800 yen (US$49) excluding tax. There has been no indication of an English-language release, however there is a fan campaign to bring localizations of the last few Medabot games over to the west, so if they are successful then maybe this one is also in with a chance.

Source: Jin115Famitsu
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