We tried making a candy bonsai tree and ended up with a spectacular vegetable instead【Photos】

Eh, regardless of its final form it wasn’t like we were going to get much fiber out of it anyway.

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These ambiguous objects create such mind-blowing optical illusions, we almost believe it’s magic

Watch these pieces of acrylic morph into something else before your eyes.

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Picture-perfect kitty cat with a single, heart-shaped spot on its back is an Instagram star

This perfectly spotted kitty is a natural model, too.

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Starbucks Japan gets ready for Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped check boxes

Love is in the air, and the Starbucks paper cup is reflecting it with Valentine’s style boxes for syrup, milk, decaf and everything else!

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Express your love this Valentine’s season…with udon noodles topped with a humongous heart!

Your significant other not big on sweets? Then these udon noodles filled with a lot of “heart” may be the perfect treat this Valentine’s Day!

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New limited edition blue, heart-shaped Pocky designed for maximum happiness

Popular Japanese snack Pocky has had a makeover and they’re now available heart-shaped and in “lucky” blue for a limited time!

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Share a special heart-shaped treat for Valentine’s Day — from Domino’s Pizza Japan!

While it may seem like chocolate is the main product on offer in shops and restaurants in Japan this time of year, Valentine’s Day apparently isn’t just all about chocolate. If you don’t have a sweet-tooth, how would you like to try this lovely Valentine’s offering from Domino’s Japan? Yes, it’s Japan’s very own, heart-shaped Valentine’s pizza, and as far as we can tell, the treat looks sure to be tasty, even if it’s not chocolate!

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Say “I Love You” this Christmas with these Romantic Potato Chips

It’s nearly Christmas! And that can mean only one thing: romantic dates on December 24th!

What? Did you think we were talking about the pagan festival-cum-Christian holiday on December 25th? No, no, no; the 25th is just a normal working day here in Japan, and everyone’s already forgotten about Christmas. People without plans for December 24th, however, might as well join the ranks of those who use trains on dates and pay money to sleep next to strangers.

With the romantic dates of December 24th, Valentine’s Day and March 14th’s White Day in its sights, snack maker Koikeya is about to launch a new range of potato chips — or crisps to backwards Brits like me — made especially for couples. And thanks to some clever packaging, Koikeya guarantee that these new chips will be the most romantic salty snack you’ve ever enjoyed…

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