Pocky packets receive a revamp with some…unusual…word amalgamations.

Pocky, Japan’s well-known chocolate-covered crunchy biscuit stick, has been one of the country’s most popular sweet snacks since it was first released back in 1966. Now, from 29 December, 10 new pack designs will appear, all using the well-known word, “Pocky”, only mixing it up with a variety of Japanese and English words to express gratitude and emotions for a number of special occasions.


We’ll soon be able to buy the original Pocky with “Thanky” and Yorocky” packaging. These 50-stick packs will come in handy when you need to say thank you or ask a favour of someone, which involves using the Japanese word, yoroshiku.


While the unfortunately named “Sukky” conjures up all sorts of connotations for English speakers, it’s actually an amalgamation of “Pocky” with the Japanese word suki, which means to like (and is closer to “ski” in terms of pronunciation) as this box is designed to be passed between lovers and friends. “Giricky” is perfect for occasions when giri-choco, or obligation chocolates are called for, such as Valentine’s Day, when Japanese ladies return chocolates to those who gifted them with treats a month before on White Day or as a gesture of friendship rather than romance towards male coworkers.


Continuing the love theme, we have the adorable, heart-shaped, strawberry flavoured Pocky in “Lovecky” for love and “Tomocky” for tomodachi, or friends.


The Almond Crush variety appears in “Ganbacky”, which is code for ganbatte kudasai, or Hang in there and try your best! and “Okaecky”, which represents an okaeshi, or return gift.


Finally, we have a Pocky flavour called otona no miruku, or adult milk, which has a more refined flavour suited to more mature tastes, making it a perfect gift for mama and papa.


The limited edition packets will only be available until the end of February next year so be sure to stop by your local supermarket after December 29 to pick up one of the unusual designs.


Because who wouldn’t want to get a pack of Sukky for Valentine’s Day?

Source: Nikkei Press Release
Top Image: Mylife News Network (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert Images: Nikkei Press Release