If you’re thinking of making Fluffy contribute more around the house, then we’ve found the perfect way to jump-start his career as a working feline.

Let’s face it — cute and cuddly though they are, cats score negative points when it comes to contributing financially to the family. With nothing but a daily quota of snubbing food, sleeping in sun patches, and walking across your computer keyboard, it’s about time for your precious Whiskers to leave the nest and find a real job that brings in the money. If you’re having a hard time figuring out where to start the job search, allow us to point you in one possible direction.

It’s unclear where exactly the following video was taken, but in it we see a young man getting his hair styled at  a salon. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary as the stylist sprays, blow-drys, and impressively pumps up the volume. At least, things seem relatively normal until he pulls out a most unusual styling tool: a ginger cat! 

After giving his feline instrument a little warm-up shake, the stylist then uses it to pat down the young man’s hair, even taking its paw in hand to provide some truly one-of-a-kind detail. Just describing the bizarre scene doesn’t do it justice; you’ll have to watch it for yourself.

We don’t know what’s funnier — the fact that a cat was used to “style” someone’s hair, the continued wordless interaction between the stylist and the customer, or the odd sense of professionalism throughout the entire exchange. There’s one thing that seems certain, though: going by the supremely disinterested look on its face, this isn’t the first time that those darn “hoomans” have used this cat to bring in business!

Source: Zaeega
Featured image: Facebook/Lmaoviral