See-through and strapless, the new masks help getting a haircut in the new normal feel a little more like it did in the old normal.

It’s been roughly half a year since social distancing initiatives started in earnest in Japan and many other countries, and among those of us who hadn’t happened to go in for a trim right before the pandemic started, a lot of us are looking pretty shaggy these days. So in communities where infection numbers are starting to decline and businesses are opening up, some people are thinking it might be time for their first professional haircut of 2020.

But even if infection numbers are dropping, the coronavirus is still out there, and wearing a mask remains the best strategy to avoid catching it and spreading it to others. This makes for sort of a problem at the hair salon or barber shop, though. The ear hoops on a mask make it difficult for hairstylists to trim your sideburns and hair behind your ears, and if you’re getting a shampoo as part of your salon services, the mask hoops are also going to get soaking wet while your hair is washed.

But Japanese hair salon Earch has come up with a solution, which is calls Salone de Mask.

Instead of straps, Salone de Mask attaches with adhesive strips that hold it in place along your cheekbones and jawline. The design lets your stylist snip away with their scissors just like they would if you weren’t wearing a mask, ensuring you get the same quality cut as you would in the pre-coronavirus era.

Another clever touch: the masks are see-through, allowing the stylist to see your facial features and take them into account when trimming and styling your hair so you can make the best visual impression in those situations when you’re not wearing a mask, such as in video conferences or spending time with family in your own home.

While the masks shown above, called the Type-A, are used by themselves, Earch is also offering a variant, the Salon de Mask Type-B, which is large enough to place your own mask inside of.

Though they were born out of a desire to make life easier for hair salon customers and workers, the Salon de Mask looks like it’d be a viable option for anyone who needs a mask but finds having something strapped around their ears uncomfortable. Both the Type-A and the Type-B can be purchased online here with prices starting at 1,100 yen (US$10.30) for a five-pack, and if you’re wondering what sort of hairstyle looks best for when you are wearing a mask, we’ve got some suggestions right here.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times

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