Looking for a new ‘do? Leave everything to the staff at Sorcier’s in Tokyo–they’ll know exactly what to do.

Meet our Japanese language-writer Ayaka Idate: a self-proclaimed unfashionable, unpolished potato who can’t tell today’s trends from last decade’s. She hates going to the hair salon simply because it’s a pain and she has no clue what type of hairstyle would even flatter her face. In fact, just the thought of admitting this self-ignorance to a professional stylist induces panic in her. Recently, however, she’s found the perfect hair salon where she can put all of her troubling thoughts aside and instead leave everything in the stylist’s capable hands.

Idate had heard of popular hair salon Sorcier, located in Tokyo’s Kichijoji neighborhood, which specializes in anime hair styles without being too over-the-top gaudy. One of the stylists there, Keisuke Inoue, has over 20,000 followers on Twitter who eagerly await his latest anime character-inspired hairdos such as the following:

▼ Giorno Giovanna from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


▼ Ramuda Amemura from Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle


▼ Victor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! On Ice


Inoue is known for his ability to transform people of all ages and genders. He has been featured in several magazines and even has clients who come from abroad for his expert services.

It was high time for Idate to get a haircut, and this time she decided to do something drastically different by fully entrusting her locks to Inoue. On the day of her appointment, Idate climbed the steps with several loose butterflies in her stomach. However, she was delighted to spot Socier’s stylish sign with a cat silhouette:

▼ This sign advertises a rolling promotion during which parents can get a free haircut for one of their children along with their own cut.

As she stepped inside, Idate was further impressed by the chic and bright interior. She loved how open and free the space felt.

▼ The sinks even had comfy neck supports–a pleasant touch.

Idate was promptly shown to a seat and finally came face to face with Inoue. She immediately worried if she, the unpolished potato, could manage to have an actual conversation with someone who seemed so cool and relaxed.

After their initial greetings, it was time for hair counseling. Inoue carefully studied her current hairstyle while asking questions such as whether there was anything he shouldn’t do because of school or work or if there was anything she wanted to try. Luckily, she had no limitations so everything was up to his best judgement.

It had been about three months since Idate’s last cut and color job, so her darker roots were starting to show through. Her friends and family had joked that she looked like someone who either worked night shifts at a sketchy discount store or who rode a custom motorcycle around town. She was now incredibly intrigued to meet her soon-to-be future self.

Once Inoue had thoroughly examined her hair, he said, “Since your hair currently has a reddish tinge, I think it’s best to bleach it so that the roots become a uniform color again and to add some new color so that it will stay pretty as the color fades.” Idate was ready to go along with whatever he decided.

In this case, the cut would be 5,500 yen (US$)50.62, the coloring 7,000 yen, the basic bleach 5,500 yen, and a recommended bleach modification an additional 2,000 yen, for a grand total of 21,600 yen including tax. It wasn’t cheap, but she was willing to splurge on one dramatic makeover. Since she was entrusting everything to her stylist, if the monetary prediction turned out to be different from the reality for any reason, the shop promised to honor the predicted amount as the maximum.

Idate was then asked if she had any preference for colors, to which she replied, “I have no idea what’s in style right now, so please just go with something cool.” After taking into account her skin tone and current hair color, Inoue determined that a lavender mixed with beige would be the way to go.

Now came the moment that every introverted person dreads at the hair salon–the small talk as the stylist gets to work. Thankfully, Inoue began the conversation easily by asking which of his YouTube videos she had watched before coming to the shop. He then casually began asking about her favorite manga and anime. She found herself gradually loosening up with his at-ease demeanor.

Now came the bleach:

Her hair had been magically transformed into a bright yellow color but Inoue barely noticed as they were in the middle of an enthusiastic conversation about Beyblade. Next, Inoue and a support staff member set about the coloring.

Since she had left everything up to the stylists, all she could do was wait patiently to find out exactly what color her hair would become!

A few final style adjustments, and finally the moment of truth came.

Tada! Idate loved her new purple locks. It was probably because of the new color, but she felt that her skin was also glowing more brightly than usual.

So this was the kind of magic that could happen when an unpolished potato trusted a hair stylist to do his thing…she felt so refined!

▼ In this tweet, she’s positively gushing in awe of her new look.

Inoue went on to explain that over the next month the color would gradually fade from the brilliant violet to a more muted gray, then to a milk tea-like hue, and finally to a softened dark blonde. In other words, the excitement of getting a new hairstyle was only just beginning!

Idate is now currently debating whether her next visit to Sorcier should be another leave-it-to-Inoue-type of visit or if she should request to be styled like an anime character. Decisions, decisions…we’ll be sure to let you know if she tries anything new.

Shop information
Sorcier / ソルシエ
Address: 180-0004 Tokyo-to, Musashino-shi, Kichijoji Honcho 2-17-12 Tosai Building 2nd floor
180-0004 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町 2-17-12 藤彩ビル2F
Open: 10 A.M.-8 P.M. (weekdays and Saturdays), 10 A.M.-7 P.M. (Sundays and holidays)
Closed: Tuesdays (but open if a national holiday falls on a Tuesday)

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