More formal than pajamas, and comfier than a typical business suit.

In recent years office fashion has gotten progressively more comfortable, though largely through sensible methods like “letting employees take their ties off in the muggy summer heat” and “making jackets out of thinner material” rather than any stylistic overhauls. Now that the very concept of working at an office has been shaken up, due to the global pandemic and a resulting increase in teleworking, one company has come up with a concept for the ultimate work-life outfit: Aoki Holdings’ Pajama Suit.

▼ Pictured here by this charming model, who seems very eager to get to work.

Aoki already attracted a wave of good press due to their decision to branch out from their typical office-wear offerings and start making masks, due to the nationwide shortage created by Covid-19. Washable and made from an anti-bacterial fabric, the company has already sold over 10 million of the masks — and now they seem poised to make another strong move with their Pajama Suits, clothing that addresses the strange problem of not knowing quite how to dress when your home is also your workplace.

Crafted with a comfortable knit fabric, it retains the sharpness and taut feeling of a workplace suit while still feeling comfortable. This way you can get ready and put yourself in the mindset of going to work, but still feel at ease in your own home or while taking a break.

Another point in the suit’s favor is that you can look presentable when on a video call or when taking a brief trip outside. Since it’s all too easy to remain in the comfy cocoon of your sleepwear when you work at home, it can cause difficulties when you suddenly need to dash to the convenience store and have to get changed mid-task.

Just like the washable masks Aoki sells, these outfits are easy to bundle up and toss in the laundry too, so you’ll be able to stay clean and hygienic even through the most intense home office workday. The suits are offered in male and female cuts and consist of a jacket and trousers, just like a traditional work suit; the male version comes in navy or grey, while the female version has a choice of black or grey. Each menswear piece costs 4,990 yen (US$47.99) and comes in small to extra-large Japanese sizing; the womenswear pieces are offered in medium or large and cost 90 yen less.

▼ Would you pay 9,980 yen to feel as comfortable as this guy?

Since Aoki Holdings was starting to lose relevance in a world that tends increasingly towards comfort rather than fashionable, brand-name office-wear, this seems like a great step towards a new frontier of telework fashion. Unfortunately, though, it seems like you’ll still have to buy — or rent — an actual suit to secure a job in the first place.

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Source, images: PT TImes
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