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This customer experience is blowing up all over social media, or it would be if anyone could get to their cell phones.

The ubiquitous flat-pack furniture and home decor company IKEA has always had some very interesting ideas. Priducing furniture that’s afordable and easy to transport are two of their best, while the difficult-to-remember product names are a bit lower in our personal rankings.

Here’s another one for the “good idea” column: IKEA in Taiwan has come up with one solution to the creeping technology that is taking over our households and dinner tables.

Picture a special family meal, which for some Taiwanese families means a delicious hot pot gracing the table.

▼ Can’t eat. Checking what’s new on RocketNews24.

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However, even though the whole family is at the table, no one is making any sort of meaningful conversation because everyone is too busy checking their cell phones. What is a parent supposed to do?

IKEA Taiwan has a good answer.

Awesome! A hot plate that will only turn on when there are enough phones under it. With all the bothersome, distracting tech in the middle of the table, everyone is able to finally connect with each other over some good food. The dining experience seems to be a real hit with the video’s consumers as everyone is really excited by both the technology and the chance for real dinner conversation again.

▼ Adding one phone raises the heat, but only minimally.

ikea hot pot 3

▼ The phones have the power!

ikea hot pot 1

▼ Cheers to a great dinner without the distraction of phones!

ikea hot pot 5

Now, not every family is going to want to be forced to talk to each other at dinner time. Some are going to prefer awkward silence, and people who live alone might find it difficult to cook with the low heat produced from only one cell phone. However, this cool little product might be the perfect thing to ensure that your special occasion dinner party turns out to be an exceptional one.

Images: YouTube/IKEA Taiwan 宜家家居