Relive the thrill of this classic arcade game every time you need to tell the time.  

Pac-Man, originally released as an arcade game by Namco (now Bandai Namco) in 1980, is popular around the world among all generations. Heck, the only reason I even remotely looked forward to going to the orthodontist while growing up in the U.S. was because there was a free-to-play Pac-Man machine in the waiting room. As proof of its success, the game entered the Guinness World Records in 2005 as the most successful coin-operated game of all time.

Speaking of time, everyone’s favorite dot-chomping, ghost-chasing yellow puck character has teamed up with electronics and watch maker Casio for the release of a new retro-looking digital watch, the A100WEPC, that will go on sale on August 21.

▼ Casio x Pac-Man collaborative A100WEPC model

This new model is based on a reissue of Casio’s classic F-100 digital watch, which was originally released in 1978 as the first quartz model with a resin case along with stopwatch and calendar capabilities. Notably, it features the F-100’s characteristic four front buttons, the “Illuminator” logo in the center using the Pac-Man font, and colorful depictions of Pac-Man and the four ghosts with the arcade game’s iconic dot maze layout.

In a fun nod to the game, the upper watch band features laser-cut illustrations of Pac-Man fleeing the ghosts while the lower band features Pac-Man chasing the ghosts after eating a power pellet.

▼ Upper band

▼ Lower band

To top everything off, this is one watch box that you’ll definitely want to save since it’s a faithful recreation of the original arcade game screen.

▼ The display case is a keeper, too.

The Casio x Pac-Man A100WEPC digital watch goes on sale on August 21 for 12,100 yen (US$110). Until then, if you’d like to sit and ruminate on exactly how it’s been 40 years since Pac-Man was released to the world, we’d recommend getting your hands on the 40th anniversary Pac-Man sake series as well.

Source, images: PR Times