“Ah… I can see a bigger world…” Weird tools and makeup techniques make for hilarious results.

From my experience, it seems that many Asian women are obsessed with having big, “western-looking” eyes, and will try any strange product or trick there is out there to achieve that wide-eyed, double-lidded look. Here in Japan, whenever I happen to see a girl on the train applying her makeup, I have to resist the urge to tell her to put down the eyelid glue and leave her poor, beautiful eyes be.

A group of South Korean YouTubers has taken to the issue head-on, subjecting four unsuspecting guinea pigs to strange eye-opening devices and makeup techniques to try to give them that sought-after look.

The girls are remarkably good sports throughout it all, making wise-cracks every chance they get.






It seems that having scary contraptions and pencils and brushes shoved in their eyes has made them see more than just what’s in that larger field of vision… It helped them to see that they didn’t necessarily need all of that work to be beautiful.


So girls, no matter your background or genetics, don’t think that you have to change your appearance to become beautiful. You are gorgeous in your very own way!

And for more hilarious videos featuring these lovely ladies, don’t miss the sw yoon channel on YouTube.

Source and images: YouTube/ sw yoon