With around 31 flavours to choose from, this insider information will save your waist and your wallet.

As we continue on our quest to find out what staff at Japanese restaurant chains would eat at their place of work when paying out of their own pocket, this week’s instalment in what we’re calling the “Clerk’s Own-Pocket Recommendation” series takes us to Baskin-Robbins, or “31” as it’s known in Japan.

▼ See the 31 in the logo?

31 is so called in Japan as 31 different kinds of flavours are said to be always on the menu, although that number may change slightly every now and then when limited-edition specials appear.

▼ At the moment, for example, there’s a limited-edition KitKat ice cream on the menu.

With so many different ice creams available, it can be hard to know which ones to choose, so we asked staff at the counter what they would personally order on their day off.

The female staff member we asked was in her early twenties, and she was excited to share her recommendations, telling us she would introduce us to her top six favourites. So let’s take a look at them below!

Happy Break Time Made with KitKat

“This one just came in but it sells out almost every day,” the clerk told us. The combination of rich and bitter chocolate ice cream and the slightly chewy texture of the KitKat was fantastic, and we could certainly see the appeal. Unfortunately, though, this ice cream isn’t a permanent item as it’s only being made for a limited time in limited quantities.

Matcha Kinako Torori Kuromitsu 

The clerk’s eyes glistened as if she was sharing a secret when she said,”The KitKat flavour is popular, but I think this one is more delicious.” The combination of matcha, kinako (soybean flour), and viscous brown sugar syrup (torori kuromitsu) were an absolutely sublime combination, displaying a perfect balance between sweet and bitter notes that made this a truly excellent ice cream.

Popping Shower

Popping Shower is 31’s best-selling variety, and it’s easy to see why. The white chocolate ice cream is rich and delicious, while the crackling of the popping candy that gives it its name provides a uniquely fun accent to the mix.

Tea Ole

“If you like black tea, I think you’ll definitely like this,” was the recommendation that came with this one. The full-bodied aroma of black tea and the mellow taste of milk ice cream were undeniably delicious, displaying a rich yet refreshing flavour.

Raspberry Fromage

The clerk was a big cheese lover so she was particularly enthusiastic about this one, saying it was even better than the strawberry cheesecake on the menu. The crunchy raspberry pieces were a wonderful partner for the cheese, which was well pronounced, imparting a rich flavour in every mouthful.

Love Potion Thirty One

Our clerk told us she’s been eating this one since before she even worked at the chain, and we were immediately seduced by it too. The rich sweetness of the white chocolate ice cream was exquisite with the tartness of the raspberry ice cream, while the chocolate pieces provided a fun contrast to the mix. This is an ice cream we’ll definitely be ordering from now on!

All six of these ice creams were so good that we heartily recommend them all of them. Of course, you can always try a different flavour every day to make your way through the entire menu in around a month, but if you’d like to keep a tighter hold on your waistline and your wallet, why not give these a try next time you visit?

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