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The Force is adorably strong with them.

Disney struck gold when it hit upon the idea of turning its best-loved characters into the roly-poly Tsum Tsum sub-brand. Coming from the Japanese phrase tsumu tsumu, meaning to squish together, the Tsum Tsum versions of Mickey and pals are the stars of a hit smartphone game, and also have all the assorted merchandise you’d expect for popular characters in cute-crazed Japan.

Of course, Disney is now the corporate parent of a number of non-animated franchises as well. The superheroes of the Marvel universe got the Tsum Tsum treatment late last year, and now its Star Wars’ turn.

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Disney officially launched its Star Wars Tsum Tsum line on February 16, with three sizes of squishy plushies. The small size measures five centimeters tall by five wide and eight long (1.97 x 1.97 x 3.15 inches) with each retailing for 648 yen (US$5.40).

In addition to R2-D2, the other small-size Tsum Tsum are Luke Skywalker…

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…Princess Leia…

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…Han Solo…

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…Darth Vader…

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…Boba Fett…

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…Imperial Stormtrooper…

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…Wicket the Ewok…

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…and, finally, Jabba the Hutt, whose rotund Tsum Tsum physique isn’t that far off from his original one.

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If you want something that’ll fill up more than just the palm of your hand, the 1,944-yen medium Tsum Tsum are 15 x 19 x 28 centimeters in size. Not only do they have slightly different proportions, they also have a bit more facial detail than their tinier brethren.

▼ The medium-size lineup

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And for maximum impact, there’s the 25 x 28 x 46-centimeter large size, for 3,780 yen, although your options are limited to Jabba and Chewie.

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The Star Wars Tsum Tsum can be ordered here from the Japanese online Disney Store. Hopefully they’ll be as big a success as their Disney animated counterparts, and in short order the designers will expand beyond the original trilogy and give us Tsum Tsum versions of Darth Maul and BB-8 as well.

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