Die-hard fans of the series can once more sleep in Mari Ohara’s bed, dry off with her monogrammed towels, and take her room key home as a souvenir.

Here’s the thing — most anime fans love their favorite series of choice enough that they’d love the chance to buy a cute figure of their favorite character, or maybe even style a bag after them. There are always those fans who take it a step further, though — the ones who cloak their rooms in memorabilia until they’re essentially shrines to the character in question.

One hotel, the Wyndham Grand Awashima, took things a step further by recreating the living space of an anime character and offering her most devoted, most monied fans the chance to spend the night just like she does. Blonde school idol Mari Ohara is Love Live! Sunshine!!’s perky, English-speaking jokester; her father owns a chain of hotels called Ohara Hotels, and Mari stays in one for the early episodes of the series.

▼ Mari and Kanan face off in the hotel room in question.


The Wyndham Grand Awashima hotel has offered rooms for Love Live! fans to stay in before, but Mari’s Room has always been the clear cream of the crop. A V.I.P lounge suite, it covers a bedroom, a sun-viewing room, and a living room, each styled after Mari’s iconic guest room.

▼ The lucky few who get to stay here can enjoy the ultimate in idol anime luxury.

The return of this themed campaign rewards guests with a bunch of fun goodies to take home: all the toiletries and towels are monogrammed with Mari’s family logo, and there’s even a replica key made out to Room 710, her room in the anime. In full, the amenities set contains three towels — a face towel, a hand towel, and a bath towel; a foldable hairbrush; a toothbrush; a shower cap, and a personal razor.

Anyone who stays in the special V.I.P room or any of the Ohara Hotel branded premium rooms can also order meals. For an extra fee, you can eat just like Mari does in the series, complete with a bucket of her notorious “Stewshine”.


▼ The hotel asks a meager 15,000 yen (US$142.20) for the pleasure of indulging in Stewshine.

Unfortunately, despite the incredibly high price — it costs 179,300 yen (US$1,699.86) to stay a single night in Mari’s room — due to the limited number of rooms and finite event period, every single available slot has already been bought up by eager Ohara otaku. Maybe if the campaign is successful, we’ll see even more anime-flavored hotel rooms opening to passionate fans in future.

Source: Wyndham Grand Awashima via Hachima Kikou
Images: Wyndham Grand Awashima

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