Sakura Saku Saku Matcha Frappuccino is the one you’ll see on the menu, but the option is there for any and all of them.

If you’ve ever watched a springtime scene in an anime or Japanese drama you may have found yourself wondering if cherry blossom petals really scatter so dramatically when the wind blows through the boughs of a sakura tree. The answer is yes – walking around Japan during cherry blossoms season, you really will see pretty piles of pink blossoms created by the spring breeze, and this year you’ll be seeing something similar on Starbucks Japan’s Frappuccinos.

The latest offering in the chain’s dessert drink lineup is the Sakura Saku Saku Matcha Frappuccino, and no, there’s no stuttering involved in the name. “Saku” shows up twice because the it can mean both “blossom” and “crunchy,” so if you were going to translate everything into English, this would be the “Crunchy Blooming Cherry Blossom Green Tee Frappuccino.” The key ingredient is at the top of the drink, where the whipped cream is liberally sprinkled with what Starbucks calls Sakura Saku Saku Topping, which looks like scattered cherry blossoms.

However, sakura petals, even in their edible dried form, aren’t crunchy. In the new drink’s announcement Starbucks stays coy as to exactly what the topping is, but we know from previous experience that it’s crushed strawberry macron pieces, fitting both the texture and color “Sakura Saku Saku” implies.

Underneath the topping is Starbucks Japan’s long-time hit, the Matcha Cream Frappuccino. The drink’s price starts at 570 yen (US$4.40) for a short size, and it officially goes on sale March 1, but will be available from February 24 if you’re using Starbucks Japan’s mobile order and payment app. It’ll be sticking around until March 14.

“Wait a second,” you might be asking, “if the Sakura Saku Saku Matcha Frappuccino is a standard matcha Frappuccino with a special topping, does that mean I can add the Sakura Saku Saku Topping to any Frappuccino on the menu?You sure can, though Starbucks hasn’t said if this becomes on option on February 24 or March 1.

Meanwhile, if you’re craving sakura-themed drinks but don’t have a Starbucks nearby, don’t despair, as there are other places in Japan to get a cherry blossom beverage too.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan
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