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Noodle-warrior-transforming old dudes, eye-laser-shooting bosses, dancing Frieza grape soda, and so much more await your eyes.

Japanese commercials are infamous the world over for their epic amount of randomness and hilarity, so much so that oftentimes the commercials are better than the TV shows themselves. The only downside to watching them? You have to slog through all of the not-so-interesting commercials to get to the great ones.

But now thanks to the YouTube channel JPCMHD, no more time needs to be wasted! They have compiled the very best of Japan’s commercials from 2015 for all of our convenience.

You can watch the video in its entirety here, or scroll down for highlights:

▼ We start of with Kanna Hashimoto’s commercial of “stupid-cool” tricks that took 600 takes to get right.

japanese commercials 01

▼ And then get right into some fabulous Frieza dancing!
Ooh yeah, that makes me want to buy some grape soda for sure!

japanese commercials 02

▼ This suave trio then demonstrates the correct way to eat Pocky with friends…

japanese commercials 15

▼ …and this little girl shows that she’s already way ahead of the game.

japanese commercials 04

▼ Sleepy on the job? We can’t have that…

japanese commercials 06


japanese commercials 16

▼ Ah, a nude-modeling class.
What a great opportunity to learn how to draw the human figure.

japanese commercials 07

▼ Wait… what is this student drawing…?

japanese commercials 08

▼ To be fair, that technically is what they were supposed to draw, right?

japanese commercials 09

▼ And old man sipping on some Cup Noodle, when suddenly…

japanese commercials 10

▼ He transforms into Sailor Ramen!

japanese commercials 11

▼ With his Sacred Shrimp Hairpieces…

japanese commercials 13

▼ And Divine Fork of Justice…

japanese commercials 14

▼ Cold, bland ramen doesn’t stand a chance!

japanese commercials 12

We’ve only scratched the surface here, so if you like what you’ve seen, then check out the rest of JPCMHD’s hilarious Japanese videos on their YouTube channel. And if that’s still not enough to satisfy your insatiable hunger for Japanese commercials, then fear not, we have some more juicy ones ready for you.

And as always, remember to… STAY HOT!

Source: YouTube/JPCMHD via Laughing Squid
Images: YouTube/JPCMHD