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Don’t worry your tiny hearts, we’ve got tiny foods for every mood!

What drives humanity to make smaller and smaller versions of things is something we might never be able to answer. However, we encourage the venture, because we get to squeal over cute, tiny food! We here at RocketNews24 love our miniature food, whether it’s made from plastic or actually edible, it’s simply adorable.

▼ Isn’t this the most delicious tiny rice omelet you’ve ever seen?!?

▼ It look just like our convenience store runs, except 1/12 the size.

▼ We will take 1,000 takoyaki please.

▼ Tiny chopsticks for the equally tiny cup noodles.

▼ It’s unbelievable how real this looks.

▼ Tiny sushi is tiny.

▼ TTKG – Tiny “Tamago Kake Gohan” (raw egg over rice)

▼ It’s the snack that smiles right back…until you bite its head off.

▼ These dango even have a plastic container!

These amazing items were created by miniature maker Nunu’s House, which doesn’t just magically recreate the tastiest plastic food you’ve ever seen, but also produces some gorgeous tiny decorations too.

▼ The minature hime-sama doll has nicer clothes than we do.

▼ Just a mini prince with his horse head.

▼ For all those pesky tiny demons running around.

▼ If we plant it, will it grow?

▼ We’ve gotta make a mini bookmark with these leaves!

Nunu’s House is constantly adding new pictures of its intricately detailed work to its Facebook and Instagram pages, and it doesn’t just limit itself to Japanese objects. You owe it to yourself to see its miniature pieces of fruit, too, so make sure to check them out!

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Images: Facebook/Nunu’s House (handmade miniature1/12), Instagram/nunus_house (edited by RocketNews24)