miniature food

Yoshinoya beef bowl set vs. its mini capsule toy version: how do they size up next to each other?

We take our gacha toys to a real branch of Yoshinoya to compare the two side-by-side. 
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Yoshinoya beef bowls become miniature gacha toys

Six sets so realistic they’re making our mouths water. 

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Miniature food artists are at it again, now with sushi, sake, and more traditional Japanese food

We know there’s a reason we love tiny food, but we just can’t put our finger on it.

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Now you can see how the world’s smallest cookie shot is made! 【Video】

We were totally impressed with this video showing a super-miniature cookie shot dessert being created at the Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan!

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Nunu’s in the house with miniature food and goodies for all【Photos】

Don’t worry your tiny hearts, we’ve got tiny foods for every mood!

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Sushi-inspired wooden building blocks & other stylish, whimsical toys even parents would want!

In an increasingly digital world where toddlers and pets alike develop their hand-eye coordination with Fruit Ninja and Ant Crusher, it’s undeniably important to let kids experience the pleasure of tactile toys and natural materials. I still have the tsumiki (wooden building block) set that my brother and I used to play with; now worn around the edges but with the same nostalgic smell, the pieces still make a delightful and distinct clacking sound when they hit each other.

And so, after coming across a unique build-a-sushi set that has been garnering attention in Japan for its sleek minimalistic design, we rounded up a few timber toys from Asia that not only would spark children’s imagination, but would also look right at home at Anthropologie or the MoMA gift shop. With their chic sensibilities and innate warmth, even adults would love to have these playful objets d’art in their home!

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