Why should hamsters get to have all the fun?

Spend enough time living under the same roof as someone, and eventually your habits and lifestyle patterns will start rubbing off on each other. Maybe, after seeing you start every day with a piping hot bowl of oatmeal, your roommate will also come to think that sounds like a good breakfast. Or, when you notice your wife doesn’t leave her clothes lying on the living room floor, you suddenly have the epiphany that putting your dirty boxers in the laundry hamper would be the civilized thing to do.

This phenomena isn’t exclusive to human housemates either. Japanese Twitter user and animal lover @pyonpyon_chang has at least two pets, a cat and a hamster. They seem to get along well enough, since the kitty spends some time every day perched atop the hamster’s cage, staring down at his furry little friend.

But maybe the cat is just a little jealous of the hamster. After all, look at all the cool stuff he’s got, like a comfy pile of wood shavings and huge (compared to the hamster) wall-mounted beverage dispenser. Man, that hamster’s got it made, doesn’t he?

Yeah, we can definitely see a bit of envy brewing there, which may be why @pyonpyon_chang recently caught her cat doing this in the laundry room.

Inspired by watching the hamster run on his exercise wheel, @pyonpyon_chang’s kitty found a suitably sized substitute in the form of her front-loading washing machine.

The cat seems to be genuinely enjoying itself, and that’s got to be good exercise. It just goes to show you, you don’t need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on toys for your pets, as long as you’ve got some nice home appliances. Just make sure playtime doesn’t overlap with laundry day (and also to wipe up any cat hair before you run a load).

Source: Grape, Twitter/@pyonpyon_chang