Others find the look reminiscent of Castle in the Sky‘s long-armed robots.

When a new item of clothing gets run through a wash-and-dry cycle, you run the risk of shrinking said clothing a size or two, which can lead to tragedy if it no longer fits. As most Japanese homes don’t have clothes driers though, that’s a problem people here rarely face.

What can happen, however, is stretching. Shirt sleeves and pant legs get tangled and twisted, and you end up with clothes longer than you wanted. Not a huge problem though, right? You can just run to a laundromat, toss it in the drier, and hope it’ll shrink back up a bit, or you can have the extra inch or so taken up by someone who’s handy with clothing alterations.

But for Twitterer @chan0221kon‘s stretching problem, neither of those options may be enough. She writes: “The knit turtleneck top I bought online stretched when I washed it. Originally it was a medium, but now it’s like a 15XL. I really liked it, so this is hard to take. This is a Christmas tragedy.


In one photo we can see a smaller red turtleneck, which we assume is the original medium size, next to an enormous-looking white turtleneck. In the second photo we can see just how huge this thing stretched out to be.

One’s Christmas woe has turned into a comedy for many – the tweet has been liked nearly 123,000 times and shared over 89,000, and a number of Twitterers have left comments with pictures that bear a striking resemblance to @chan0221kon’s…

https://twitter.com/cafeore_no_uta/status/813270747296583680 https://twitter.com/kito1222/status/813274526200905728

@chan0221kon later explained that her mother put the turtleneck in the washer as is, so we can all take heed to this lesson and be sure to use a laundry net when washing our knit tops! That is, unless you’re going for that long-armed Castle in the Sky robot look.

Source: Twitter/@chan0221kon 
Featured image: Twitter/@chan0221kon