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We’ll take whatever this guy is serving.

Restaurants are, notoriously, one of the hardest businesses to keep running. A lot of the overhead costs are taken out when you decide to open a noodle stall on the street, but a good entrepreneur will use any available tactic to increase their sales. So, thought one clever restaurateur, why not pair hot and spicy dishes with equally hot and spicy men?

▼ This looks good!

▼ This looks good too!

Situated near Rangsit University in Thailand, it’s very easy to see why customers flock to this humble noodle stall. Jad Noodles, as it’s called, is a tasty little noodle shop run by Kritsada Saekwang and his equally tasty help.

▼ Hold up that sign a little higher, maybe…

▼ Splash that water everywhere.

▼ …drool…

You probably don’t get built like this by just slinging noodles all day, so it’s no surprise that the workers here have other jobs as personal trainers at the university and model part-time as well. While the shop is well-known for their eye-candy, their food is no slouch either. Make sure you try their Jad Seafood Tom Yum — it will knock your shirt off!

▼ Yes, we’ll take an order of tom with a side of yum.

▼ Look at that fiery red soup! Make sure you order a literal tall drink of water from the ones running the stall.

Jad Noodles is open every evening from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., so if you’re in the area, be sure to head over and give them a try. The rest of us can check out their Facebook page for more information and pictures. There are lots of pictures…of food too, if that’s what you are looking for.

Source: Coconuts Bangkok via Zhai Zhai Xinwen
Top Image: Facebook/เตี๋ยวจ๊าด หลังม.รังสิต