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Two of the world’s great foods combine in these eye-catching sweets.

Like many people who take a trip to Japan, Amber Spiegel headed home with a newly impassioned love of ramen. But rather than quietly tuck her noodle-based memories into a special corner of her heart, she chose to channel her love of the dish into another form of the culinary arts.

On her YouTube channel, SweetAmbsCookies, Spiegel regularly walks viewers through the steps to make uniquely beautiful cookies. While all of her designs are eye-catching, we’ve got a special fondness for one of her most recent lessons, in which she shows how to prepare ramen cookies!

As realistic as they look, the treats are entirely noodle-free, with the pasta and toppings all fashioned from royal frosting. Speaking of the toppings, Spiegel’s choices are all authentic Japanese favorites, and her cookies are a faithful visual reproduction of the real deal.

▼ Covering the yellow dollop with a dome of white will turn these into sliced hard-boiled eggs once they’re flipped over.

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▼ Naruto fish cakes

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Using a scribe tool and deft hand, Spiegel coaxes the frosting into the desired shapes, and also blends the colors for a more natural appearance, such as the marbled fat in the slices of cha shu pork.

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▼ Chopsticks

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Adding a ring of white frosting, smoothed with a brush, to a round, brown cookie creates the effect of a bowl of broth, and after all that careful shaping, some free-form squiggles of frosting fill it with noodles.

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To simulate the last ramen ingredient, chopped green onion, Spiegel diligently picks out the green sprinkles from a combo color back, then cuts them into even smaller pieces. Finally, she brushes edible adhesive onto the cookie and assembles the parts. The finished product will stimulate the appetites of both ramen fans and sweets lovers, and would be just the thing to serve at a party or to enjoy as a dessert after eating a ramen sandwich.

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If the impressive skills Spiegel shows off in the video have you eager to see what else she can teach you, make sure to check out her YouTube channel and website for more amazing cookie recipes.

Source: Nari Nari
Images: YouTube/SweetAmbsCookies