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Scientists call for more education after a study finds that a huge number of Japanese people are afflicted with a condition that causes their private parts to appear blurry. 

As many as one in ten Japanese adults may have genitalia that are either blurry or constantly surrounded by a series of floating opaque squares, a groundbreaking study by researchers at the Tokyo University for Science Things has found.

Professor Hiroki Yamada and his team found that 10 percent of their 500 adult research participants suffered from varying degrees of “genital blur” which made their nether-regions difficult, and in some cases completely impossible, to see.

“The condition was first recorded in Japanese medical journals back in the 1960s, affecting just one in every few thousand people,” Professor Yamada said. “Today, one in ten people have blurry genitals—it’s out of control.”


Taro Suzuki was just 20 years old when his entire crotch went blurry. Now a successful businessmen, he believes that his lack of knowledge about the condition at the time was a direct contributor to becoming infected.

“I’d never heard of bokehtama (lit. “blurry ball”) back then, so I didn’t know what to look for. I caught it after I slept with a girl I met at an end-of-semester nomikai (drinks party).”

“I remember thinking that everything looked a bit hazy down there, but I put it down to being drunk. Now that I think about it though, I should have realised something was up because her boobs were perfectly in focus.”

Harmless but annoying

Mercifully, those who have contracted bokehtama are able to lead perfectly normal lives, and their health is otherwise unaffected—indeed, the Japanese adult video industry is populated almost exclusively by those affected by the disease, many of whom are both incredibly affluent and have families of their own.

“It’s relatively harmless, but it must be tremendously annoying for those who have it;” Professor Yamada said, “we really must do more to educate people about bokehtama.”

“I mean, it can’t be easy trying to bathe or pee when your junk is constantly obscured by a wall of dancing squares…”

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