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Immortan Joe, War Boys, and the Doof Warrior show up to congratulate new grads.

College is one of the brief moments when people in Japan get to enjoy a high degree of freedom. Pre-university education is a constant cycle of tests and evaluations, with many schools prohibiting their students from dating or even hanging out with friends on the way home after classes, lest they waste a moment that could be applied towards studying. And of course, after university, you go straight into the unforgiving pressures of adult, working life.

During college, though, most courses are fairly easy to coast through, and you’ve got four final years to do more or less whatever you want. At some institutions of higher learning, this atmosphere of unbridled exuberance extends all the way to the graduation ceremony. In the past, we’ve looked at graduates who show up to collect their diplomas dressed as everything from giant iphones to Tetris pieces.

Given the focus of Tokyo’s Tama Art University, you might expect its graduation ceremony, which was held last weekend, to be a showcase of some extremely skillfully crafted costumes, and you’d be right. Recent graduate and Twitter user @bnk2bnk gave his followers a look at what happened inside the auditorium.

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In the middle of the ceremony, Mad Max: Fury Road arch-villain Immortan Joe showed up. Apparently he didn’t have time to swing by Gas Town beforehand, since the Doof Wagon’s V8 wasn’t running, requiring a company of War Boys to carry the vehicle up to the stage.

And of course, wherever you find the Doof Wagon, you’ll also find the Doof Warrior.

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It’s not clear whether these post-apocalyptic attendees were themselves graduating on this day or if they were simply a group of very industrious undergraduates there to congratulate their upperclassmen on finishing their education. In either case, though, it seems safe to say that Tama Art University held one of the most metal graduation ceremonies ever.

Source: Hachima Kiko
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