Remember the bakeable pudding-flavored mini Kit Kats we told you about earlier this month? Well, we managed to get our hands on them, and also on the cream cheese flavored bakeable Kit Kats sold at the Kit Kat Chocolaterie as well. And you know what that means — it’s time for a RocketNews24 taste test! So, let’s get on with the baking and tasting, shall we?

▼ The “Bake ‘N Tasty Mini Kit Kats Custard Pudding Flavor” (Kit Kat Mini Yaite Oishi Purin Aji) we were anxiously waiting to get our hands on!
Kit Kat 1 mini package

▼ The package was actually quite large, containing 13 small Kit Kats, for 525yen (US$5.11)
Kit Kat 2 mini package 2

▼ The mini Kit Kats look kind of cute coming out of the bag!
Kit Kat 3 mini package 3

▼ Each mini Kit Kat came individually wrapped in a colorful package.
Kit Kat 4 mini indivi wrapped

▼ This is what the custard pudding flavored mini Kit Kat looked like unwrapped.
Kit Kat 5 mini indivi unwrapped

▼ We also revisited the Kit Kat Chocolaterie to buy the bakeable cream cheese flavored Kit Kats. They were available only at the Chocolaterie for a limited time, and yes, you could expect them to sell out before mid-afternoon each day, which wasn’t surprising considering the crowd we saw there. This was 30 minutes before the shop opened in the morning, by the way.Kit Kat 7 line pre-open edited

▼ Here’s one happy shopper in Kit Kat heaven!
Kit Kat 9 shopping

▼ The crowds were no better when we left about one hour after the shop opened.
Kit Kat 8 line 1030am

▼ And here are the cream cheese flavored bakeable Kit Kats we braved the crowds for.
Kit Kat 6 yaki cheese package

▼ They were also individually wrapped, in a simple yet stylishly designed clear package.
Kit Kat 10 yaki cheese indivi wrapped

▼ And this is one of them unwrapped. You can see that these Kit Kats already had a “baked” appearance to start with.
Kit Kat 11 yaki cheese indivi unwrapped

▼ And here are the two types of Kit Kats side by side.
Kit Kat 11-2 both unwrapped

▼ Now comes the fun part involving baking. It’s time to turn on the heat!
Kit Kat 12 toaster 1

▼ Here we have the Kit Kats lined up neatly in the toaster. They certainly look ready to be baked!
Kit Kat 13 toaster 2

▼ And now, the waiting starts while the Kit Kats are toasted.
Kit Kat 14 toaster 3

▼ Here they are after being baked, all nice and brown. The instructions called for two to two and half minutes of heating, but in our case, it seemed to take a little longer for the Kit Kats to be done, maybe up to three and a half minutes.
Kit Kat 15 toaster 4

▼ Okay, the brown caramelized surface looks really good. And the heated chocolate smelled divine too! Oh, and they may look just a little burnt at the edges, but we’ll just say that they’re a nice golden brown.
Kit Kat 16 toaster 5

▼ Place them on a plate and you have a lovely looking snack!
Kit Kat 18 baked 2

And how did they taste? Biting into the Kit Kats, the texture was wonderful, the slightly hard sugar on the  surface combining with the flaky wafers inside. And the flavor was strongly but pleasantly sweet, which is what you would expect from a chocolate snack. Honestly, though, I have to say that I really couldn’t taste the difference between the custard pudding flavor and the cream cheese flavor. To me, they both seemed to taste like custard.

That being said, the crunchy and flaky texture and rich sweetness of the Kit Kats were certainly pleasant enough to make an enjoyable snack. Plus, heating them in a toaster is good fun, and the whole process should be a delightful treat for kids. We definitely had a good time baking the Kit Kats, and we look forward to seeing more interesting and unexpected flavors from Nestle Japan. Now, if only the crowds at the Kit Kat Chocolaterie would become  just a little bit smaller …

We’ll leave you with a video from Nestle Japan’s official product page so that you can see how the pros bake these Kit Kats. Happy toasting!

Photos: RocketNews24