It’s been seven hours and 473 days since they took your love away, Mega Mac. And now the McDonald’s Japan hit taste of the month in the form of an oversized Big Mac has returned. Starting 19 May McDonald’s outlets across the land will again begin serving up the Mega Mac to gluttonous fans (including half of our writing staff) left wanting more back in January ’13.

Prior to then there were many in Japan who thought “The Big Mac is good, but doesn’t really fill me up.” In response to them, the Mega Mac was forged by Japanese McEngineers pushing the very boundaries of burgerology.

All your favorite Big Mac toppings are there: onions, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and special sauce all on a sesame seed bun, but the Mega Mac’s most prominent feature has got to be its four beef patties. I suppose this just makes it a Double Big Mac, but the name Mega Mac seems a lot loftier and demanding of us to buy it.

You might think such a weighty sandwich would wear a hole in your wallet right away, but the Mega Mac alone will sell for 419 yen (US$4.12). The catch is that this availability is extremely limited at only one week from 19 May to 26 May. In addition, Mega Macs are not available through the McDelivery service which is good because you really should get some walking in if you’re going to partake in one.

If you’re a fan of the last Mega Mac campaign or a curious newcomer be sure to mark this week down on the calendar, it’ll be over before you know it!

Source: McDonald’s Japan
Original article by Yuichiro Wasai
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