Big Mac

The most satisfying McDonald’s burger, according to Japanese customers

Surprisingly, the Big Mac and the Teriyaki McBurger aren’t at the top of the list.

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Samurai Mac burgers arrive at McDonald’s Japan

Which warrior faction do you belong to?

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We order all four burgers from McDonald’s Japan’s Big Mac line and compare their…sizes

The Big Mac Jr., the classic Big Mac, the Grand Big Mac and the Giga Big Mac are like a happy Big Mac family made of meat and buns.

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Giga Big Mac returns to McDonald’s Japan, along with Grand Big Mac and new Big Mac Jr【Taste Test】

What’s the difference between the regular Big Mac, the Big Mac Junior, the Grand Big Mac, and the Giga Big Mac?

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Uniqlo x McDonald’s T-shirt range function as 100 yen Big Mac discount coupons

Uniqlo has teamed up with McDonald’s for a special T-shirt which will get you a discounted Big Mac whenever you’re wearing it!

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Big Mac sauce now comes in a jar from McDonald’s Japan

Only 300 of these exclusive jars will be available to customers.

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McDonald’s Japan holds first-ever General Election, winning burger upgraded at no extra cost

One burger to rule them all…

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Build your own micro burger with McDonald’s x Nanoblock collaboration

McDonald’s celebrates launch of humongous burger with teeny tiny toys.

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McDonald’s Japan is unleashing the Giga Big Mac, with 2.8 times the beef of a regular Big Mac

New sandwich is part beefy indulgence, part sandwich-based challenge.

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Burger King Japan giving discounts if you bring a McDonald’s Big Mac into one of its restaurants

For companies in the fast food hamburger business, there’s no way of getting around the fact that they’re in competition with McDonald’s. So instead of trying to tiptoe around the situation, Burger King Japan has decided to try to tackle its rival head-on with the new Big King 4.0 sandwich, which Burger King has just introduced to the Japanese market.

If you’ve got burgers on the brain, the name Big King no doubt reminds you of McDonald’s Big Mac, and that’s fine with Burger King. As a matter of fact, thanks to an unusual promotion going on right now, Burger King will give you a discount on a Big King if you bring in a receipt showing you recently bought a Big Mac, or, even stranger, if you bring in the actual McDonald’s hamburger itself.

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Sing, my angel of Big Mac! McDonald’s Hong Kong scores epic win with 90s parody ballad【Video】

Some weeks ago, we saw how the McDonald’s fans in Korea professed their love for the Big Mac with their humorous and refreshing performances of the Big Mac Song. But sometimes the best way to express your ardent feelings is by serenading your object of affection with a heartfelt love song.

The creative masterminds behind McDonald’s Hong Kong’s recent advertising stint came up with a ballad that serenaded the franchise’s iconic burger and won the hearts of Cantopop fans at the same time! Hear it after the jump!

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McDonald’s Korea gets customers doing crazy things to show their love for the Big Mac【Videos】

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun!

What are we talking about? McDonald’s Big Mac, of course! We’re assuming you’re familiar with McDonald’s – after all, they are the biggest fast food franchise in the world, but do you know the Big Mac Song? These Korean fans know it at the back of their hands and are jazzing things up with some eye-popping renditions as they take part in McDonald’s Korea’s third season of their ever-popular Big Mac Song Competition.

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Free Gifts and Cheap Coffee No Help as McDonald’s Japan Troubles Continue

The collapse of McDonald’s Japan continued as the company recorded declining year-over-year sales for the 12th consecutive month at the end of March. The situation is dismal, as whatever the company does seems to end in failure.

Its 100-yen menu (about one US dollar) and free giveaways no longer impress customers who have grown accustomed to deflationary pricing. Its “Food in 60 seconds or next burger free” campaign, which the company initiated in January as a measure to help revive fortunes, also failed to deliver. And there doesn’t appear to be any light at the end of the tunnel. Its most recent venture, free gum and other “unique”gifts to purchasers of breakfast sets, has been roundly criticized on the Internet as being a “hackneyed idea.”
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