tomoko pole top

When it comes to years old and spicy moves, she’s got plenty of both.

Asia is famous in the West for the longevity of its people. Stories about older people still being super active, and in some cases downright gorgeous, are not uncommon.

But still, despite that, when you hear about a 70-year-old Japanese woman pulling off a pole dance routine, you can’t help but feel a little skeptical. That is, until you watch the video of her showing off her moves on Italy’s Got Talent:

▼ Here’s Tomoko. What a lovely little old Japanese lady.

tomoko pole 01

She moved to Italy 43 years ago to study dance and opera, and she’s stayed there ever since. At first, the judges are more impressed by her youthful appearance than anything.

tomoko pole 03

Tomoko may not be able to sing opera anymore,  but she has something else planned. At first it looks like a slow, traditional Japanese dance…

tomoko pole 05

…but then the kimono comes off!

tomoko pole 06

A wild pole appears…

tomoko pole 07

…and Tomoko goes into full swing!

tomoko pole 08

She owns that pole, spinning and sliding in ways that would probably put me in the hospital if I attempted them. It’s easy to see age hasn’t caught up with her…I don’t even think many athletes could catch up with her!

tomoko pole 11

▼ The end brings a standing ovation from the judges and audience.
Unbelievable performance, Tomoko!

tomoko pole 12

If older people getting their groove on is something you’d like to see more of, then check out these Japanese grandpas and grandmas coming together to form pop music groups. Their athleticism might not be on the same level as Tomoko’s, but their youthful passion is just as strong.

Source, images: YouTube/Italia’s Got Talent
Images: YouTube/Italia’s Got Talent (edited by RocketNews24)