You’ll feel motivated to both study harder and buy this textbook when you see this unconventional sample sentence!

Earlier this week, Japanese traveler @aoKaeru was in Taiwan and had a bit of a startle when he started thumbing through a Japanese language textbook given to him by a flight attendant on Taiwan’s EVA Air. On page 119, in a chapter titled “Two-timing” in Chinese, characters Takuya and Momoko (a man and a woman) were having a presumably unpleasant conversation in which this grammatical model sentence appeared:

▼ “I’ll kill you if you cheat on me.” 


He quickly posted a picture of the page to Twitter so that others could marvel at this unorthodox example sentece, prompting comments such as:

“The example is so extreme you wouldn’t be able to use it in everyday conversation, right?”
“What kind of sample sentence is that?!”
“Hahaha, that’s great!”
“That’ll definitely come in handy ;)”

We’re sad that we can’t get on our hands on this book to see if there are any other unusual sentences in its pages. Let us know some of the craziest lines you’ve ever encountered while studying a foreign language in the comments section below!

Source: Toychan Net
Top image: Twitter/@aoKaeru (edited by RocketNews24)