A few dollars and a handful of materials are all you need to make your very own lightsaber—and this crafty father shows us how!

What do you do when your son asks for a lightsaber and you’re not quite ready to shell out the money for an expensive toy that will most likely get broken after its first battle? One clever Japanese dad headed to the 100 yen shop, bought a couple of items, and made his very own!

All he needed to buy? A transparent manual siphon pump and a mini LED flashlight. You’ll also need some color film and of course batteries for the flashlight.


First, disassemble the siphon pump. All you’ll need are the suction tube and the cap from the hand pump.


Then use a pair of wire cutters to remove the bits off the suction tube that you don’t need.


Take a box cutter to carefully cut the tapered end off of the suction tube, then close it off with the cap.



Next, take some colored film (the video doesn’t specify what sort of film, but we would suggest colored cellophane, or even transparent colored counting chips if they’re the right size) and secure it to the end of the flashlight. Choose any color you like.


Finally, secure the flashlight into the handle end of the suction tube, and you’re ready to defend the galaxy!


Or if you’re not quite ready to take on the bad guys, this would still make a cool alternative to a normal flashlight.

Source and images: YouTube/ Norihiro Arita