guangzhou 2

Chinese cities shot in time-lapse and tilt-shift give a view of the most populated country in the world from a completely new angle.

Guangzhou may not be as recognizable as Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, but it’s actually the third biggest city in China. Located in the south, it’s part of the Maritime Silk Road and home to Cantonese cuisine, arguably some of the most delicious food in the world. Such a big and captivating city can be hard to capture, but the YouTube channel LittleBigWorld has tilted our perspective to try to encompass the magic of the city a bit better.

We’ve covered time-lapsed tilt-shifted videos before, but we really don’t get tired of seeing huge landscapes look like little dioramas. The opening scene here looks as if an imaginary hand is directing the boats. The rest of the video takes the viewer on a wonderful journey through various elevations, angles and colors that finishes in a magnificent crescendo.

LittleBigWorld has traveled all over the world to give beautiful and new perspectives to much-loved places. Their channel has several other videos centered in Asia, so be sure to check them out if you liked this video.

Source, images: YouTube/LittleBigWorld