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This do-it-yourself enhancement is easily as big an upgrade as the rumored PlayStation 4.5

It’s somewhat ironic that as video games have gotten increasingly gory on their extreme end, there are also more non-violent titles than ever before. Sure, more detailed graphics and an unprecedentedly large number of adult gamers are encouraging some developers to push the envelope in how much viscera they show, but at the same time, there have never been more games to choose from that revolve around calmly solving puzzles, raising animals or plants, or non-aggressive interactions between characters.

So to go along with this new, peaceful facet of modern video gaming, Japanese peripheral maker Cyber Gadget is releasing an equally smile-inducing line of PlayStation 4 accessories called Neko Nyan.

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While the name isn’t the most creative (“Neko Nyan” translates to “Cat Meow” in English), the product itself is both clever and cute, as the slip-on pads give the controller’s twin analog sticks adorable cat paws.

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Two different sets are available, with their black or white backgrounds corresponding to the two official colors Japanese PlayStation 4 consoles are sold in.

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While the primary appeal is, of course, the added cuteness, Cyber Gadget also touts the silicon pads’ anti-slip properties, along with the fact that since they’re removable and washable they’re an easy way to help keep the analog sticks themselves free of gamer grease.

Of course, a cat has four paws, not just two. So if you’re keen to complete the kitty transformation, Cyber Gadget also has PVC cat paw covers for the controller’s L2 and R2 trigger buttons.

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Both accessories go on sale April 14. Cyber Gadgets is leaving pricing up to individual retailers, but we can’t imagine they’ll be prohibitively expensive, and we’re sure plenty of gamers will find them to be a totally justifiable expense to add a little feline appeal to their gaming sessions.

Source: NT Media
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