Not just any old masks either: “Fashion Masks!

Japan seems to have slid into another relative COVID-19 lull, but with the future remaining uncertain, masks are still the accessory du jour. Luckily, we’re much better off than at the beginning of the pandemic when supplies were short and people resorted to punch-up fights trying to get an overpriced box of masks.

Those people must feel especially foolish now as face masks can be found in every convenience store, clothing retailer, and military contractor around at increasingly low prices. Now, they can even be found in capsule toy machines!

Most reporters spend the day keeping in touch with valued sources and fitting press conferences into their busy schedules. Being a SoraNews24 reporter, however, means pounding the pavement while dutifully monitoring capsule toy installations all over the city to keep up on their latest offerings, and that’s just what Mr. Sato was doing when he made this discovery.

The sign on the machine made several impressive claims such as the mask being unisex, contoured, able to cut UV rays, washable, and available in black, blue, pink, white…even “glay!” This was a new frontier for both face masks and capsule toys, so Mr. Sato didn’t hesitate to pop in 400 yen (US$3.79).

Inside the capsule was a pouch containing one Fashion Mask. Mr. Sato could tell right away that he got the glay one.

The mask itself was pretty good. It was just like the standard stretchable cloths masks sold everywhere. However, these days a three-pack of such masks can be bought for about 500 yen ($4.73), making this rather expensive. Around 200 yen ($1.89) would have been a more reasonable price point that still takes the convenience into account.

It was a little small for Mr. Sato’s face, but since it stretched he could still make use of it.

Also, for a “Fashion Mask” it was far from the most stylish mask to grace our reporter’s face. They probably should have added a sheet of stickers to snazz it up a bit.

▼ For comparison, this is the most stylish mask to grace our reporter’s face

Still, the idea of selling masks at capsule machines is a good one. Perhaps capsule toy companies would be pressured to lower their prices if more of Japan’s many vending machines also get in on the action for all our last-minute mask emergencies on the go.

Photos ©SoraNews24
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