After ordering Lotteria’s heavily stacked Burger with Everything on It, Mr. Sato was brought to the depths of despair and back to greasy bliss in an unexpected turn of great customer service.

As we announced earlier, fast food chain Lotteria recently unleashed its Burger with Everything on It (Zenbunose Burger) which contains a beef patty, shrimp patty, rib patty, cheese-soaked zeppin beef patty, bacon,  soft-boiled egg, slice of cheese, slice of onion, slice of tomato, lettuce, cabbage, mayo, teriyaki sauce, dijonnaise, tartar sauce, meat sauce, and ketchup.

This isn’t the first time the Burger with Everything on It was released, however, and in the past customers have complained that the towering sandwich didn’t quite live up to the photograph in the advertisements.  So, our Mr. Sato was tasked with determining how well this mega-burger actually lived up to the hype.

Strangely enough, upon entering his local Lotteria, Mr. Sato couldn’t find any advertisement for the Burger with Everything on It. No posters were hung and no mention of it was on the menu or registers.  At first he though he’d made a mistake about the release date being April 28, but the staff told him that the sandwich was indeed on sale.

Mr. Sato figured it must have just been a PR snafu and thought no more about it as he carted his Burger with Everything on It back to the office for gastrointestinal analysis.

Even without removing the wrapping Mr. Sato began to get a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.  It already looked way too small to live up to the promotional image.

Sure enough, after unwrapping it the sandwich looked as deflated as a New England Patriots game-winning ball. Of course, this is far from our first rodeo and we are no stranger to this kind of fast food reality, but even for us this was a huge letdown.

In fact it was so bad that Mr. Sato even began to question whether it actually had all of the toppings advertised. He began to disassemble the sandwich and even enlisted fellow reporter P.K. Sanjun to audit his findings.

After a careful examination and recount, it was determined that the bacon, fried egg, and slice of cheese were missing from this Burger with Everything on It.

Never one to let inadequate overindulgence stand, Mr. Sato looked up the Lotteria customer service number and placed a call. He explained the situation and gave the store location and other information that was printed on the receipt.

They then said that they would get in touch with the branch, figure out what happened, and call him back. Expecting this to take an hour at best, Mr. Sato fired up a game of sudoku.

However, much to his surprise after only five minutes his phone rang. It was the manager of the Lotteria he’d purchased his Burger with Everything on It from. The manager apologized for the mistake and asked Mr. Sato if he would like a refund or a new burger. In keeping with his priorities Mr. Sato chose the food over the money.

Just before Mr. Sato was about to ask what time to pick up the Burger with Everything on It, the manager told him it would be delivered shortly. This all came as a shock to our reporter, not only was everything happening so fast, but this was all being done without Mr. Sato actually providing any evidence that there was a mistake with his burger. They simply took his word for it.

Within 30 minutes of hanging up there was a knock at the door. It was the manager dressed in a suit and holding a new Burger with Everything on It. He apologized again saying that the cook had originally made a mistake while constructing the sandwich and also presented Mr. Sato with some coupons for his trouble.

Despite now having a legitimate Burger with Everything on It, Mr. Sato was far from focused on his original assignment. He was blown away that in about only an hour of making his initial complaint a free burger and coupons were hand-delivered to him.

And so it was perhaps with rose-tinted glasses that Mr. Sato unwrapped the complete Burger with Everything on It. Sure it still didn’t live up to the glamour shot in the ad, but this stacked burger was a marked improvement over his previous one.

▼ The first mistaken burger (left) pictured with the compensation burger (right)

Mr. Sato now noticed that the original hamburger had also been missing a lot of the sauces that were promised, but on his replacement sandwich they were oozing out of the bun in a multicolored pool of tanginess.

▼ With so many toppings, the Burger with Everything on It struggled to maintain structural integrity, as all good burgers should.

As for the taste? Well it was pure chaos as you might expect, but at the end of the day it’s hard to fault a fast-food burger that fills you up in so many ways at once. Lotteria impressed us far more by taking their customers seriously and going the extra mile to ensure they get what they paid for.

And that’s worth more than all the toppings in the world.

Original article by Mr. Sato
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