Sadly, the weekend is over, but here are some lolcats to help you get through Monday.

Unlike in many other countries, black cats are considered good luck symbols in Japan. Not only is one of the country’s best delivery services named after these dark-colored felines (Kuroneko Takyubin), there’s even a cat cafe dedicated to black cats in Hyogo Prefecture.

But as cute as these little black fur balls may be, they can be pretty difficult to photograph, as shown by this collection of awkward black cat photos currently circulating the Japanese web.

▼ “Oh, that… That’s just my shadow.”


▼ White cat: “Wtf are you doin buddy?”
Black cat: “I dunno. I got nothin.”


▼ #winning


▼ “Show me your jazz hands!”


▼ Invisible bongos


▼ *breathing intensifies*


▼ Japanese users think this little guy may have been trying to impersonate Evangelion Unit-03, but maybe he’s practicing to become the next long cat.



▼ Is this the cat version of the “hige dance”?



Awkwardly adorable, right?

Unfortunately while black cats may get a good rap in Japan, that’s not always the case elsewhere. Many animal shelters abroad say their “un-photogenic” qualities are part of the reason they’re so difficult to find forever homes for, and sadly around 70 percent of these cats remain unadopted.

So next time you’re thinking about bring home a new feline family member, why not go black? Once one of them wins your heart over, you may not ever want to go back!

Source: BUZZmag
Feature/top image: Twitter/@sakata_77
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