Preliminary results of the Pokémon General Election have been revealed, and it wasn’t long before fans picked up on this error.

Last week we looked at the Pokémon who made the top 10 in the General Election preliminaries, held to let fans pick the best out of the currently 720 creatures in existence. If, like I am, you’re a first-generation fan, Pikachu, Mew, and Charizard are probably the only familiar faces you recognized.

Placing first is the dark/water-type Greninja (Gekkouga in Japanese), normal-type Arceus in second, and looking further down the line of top picks just goes even more into unknown territory. (But yay for you, Eevee, for making it on there!)


Of course, there is a new generation of fans, plus those first-generations fans who have been keeping up with the times and can probably Poké-rap all 700-plus with the best of them. It’s not just followers of the games and the series who need to know their stuff, however—everyone in charge of the franchise needs to be on top of their game, if for no other reason to avoid silly mistakes like what happened with place number 35:

▼ Time to see which of you have been keeping up with your kana practice!


That little orange mouse is the electric-type Dedenne, whose name is the same in both English and Japanese and is likely derived from the words for electric – denki – and mouse – nezumi. Written in katakana it would look like this: デデンネ. But…


Dedenne has become デデンテ, Dedente!

“Dedente has officially become a joke. LOL”
“Now how did Dedenne become Dedente? Are they typing on their cell phone?”
“Hey guys, I’m Dedente! Don’t listen to the others, I’m Dedente! Dedenne? No clue who that is.”
“Just last week KONAMI took over ‘SEAG’, and now we have the Pokémon Dedente lol.”

Luckily, the site’s management was quick to fix their mistake, and Dedenne now has his old name back. But perhaps this commenter put the situation best when they said, “There are too many Pokémon…even die-hard fans can’t remember them all.”

Can you?

Source: Hachima Kisou
Images: Pokémon General Election site via Hachima Kisou
Top image: Pokémon General Election site, YouTube/whosthatpokemon edited by RocketNews24