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Such fashion. So bag. Much buy.

Who doesn’t love Shiba Inu? Whether they’re dressing up as old women or eating cake and having epiphanies, the delightful Shiba always manages to somehow look adorable no matter what they’re up to.

And now we can add another item to the list of things that Shiba Inu look cute doing: being a shoulder bag.

▼ And this is no ordinary Shiba bag, this is a Doge bag.
(Just ignore the husky. Only look at Doge. Doge is all that matters.)

doge bage 01

The Japanese store TrendStyle recently released their “realistic dog shoulder bag” (which we have dubbed the “Doge Bage”) via the online shop Rakuten.

Of course they don’t mention anywhere that the Shiba Inu they’ve chosen as the model for their bag is the internet meme celebrity Doge, but we’d recognize that cute little confused face anywhere.

▼ The advertisements reading “large, cute shoulder bag,” “so charming,”
and “really sticks out” makes it feel like they knew what they were doing.

doge bage 03

▼ And just in case your Doge Bage flips around while you’re walking, no worries.
The exact same design is on the front and back, for maximum meme-age.

doge bage 04

▼ This bag is for people who are ready to wear their memes loud and proud.
It’s 20 cm by 20 cm (8 inches) and the chain is 120 cm (47 inches) long.

doge bage 05

▼ You could put anything in your Doge Bage.
Smartphone… dog treats… another Doge Bage!

doge bage 06

▼ Look how happy this lady is with her Doge Bage!
Just think: this could be you.

doge bag 07

If you’ve seen enough and need to be the proud owner of your own Shiba satchel, then head on over to TrendStyle’s Rakuten store and put in your order.

As of this writing they’re currently sold out, but we have a feeling there will be more in stock soon. It only makes sense, so long as TrendStyle is following the Doge Code of: such demand, much restock, so profit.

Source/images: Rakuten