Miruko is back, and he’s got a whole new set of moves!

After taking the Japanese Internet by storm with his adorable antics, Miruko the cat is now on the fast track to becoming an international online celebrity due to all the worldwide media he’s been getting since his owner began posting photos of him showing off his best ballet moves.

Rescued as a malnourished stray last summer by Twitter user Chisa and her husband, Miruko has gone on to be the star of the household’s feline quartet with his playful personality and penchant for pouncing.

No longer able to contain his appreciation for his new life by just jumping for joy, he’s moved onto other, more expressive art forms, like ballet, where it would appear he’s already mastered some of the basic and intermediate steps.

▼ Fifth position and a leap

▼ Pirouette practice


▼ Perhaps they should have named him Twinkle Toes instead.

▼ Miruko’s en pointe is on point!

▼ Doing some light stretches beforehand


With time, Miruko may even come close to rivaling Maru the Scottish Fold‘s fame. Until then we look forward to seeing what cute and crazy moves he’ll bust out next!

Source: Twitter/@ccchisa76 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Top image: Twitter/@ccchisa76