This super-cute Thai girl shows there’s no barrier to high fashion!

Sine, the Thai manager of a plus-size clothing store in Thailand, has gone viral for her hilariously inventive and super low-budget recreations of famous celebrity outfits.

The pretty lady has said that she first started cosplaying in order to promote her shop, and never expected the level of attention her photos have garnered across the globe.

So just how cheap are her creative cosplays? Well, her infamous prawn cracker dress, parodying the one worn by actress Chompoo Araya at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, is made from plastic bags filled with the crackers her mum makes!

Other celebrity looks she’s taken a stab at include Chloe Moretz, Poy Treechada, Claire Danes and Katy Perry. Check out the comparisons below and visit her store on Facebook for more of her brand of cosplay as well as cute plus-size fashion shoots.

Source: Facebook h/t Coconuts Bangkok
Featured image via Facebook