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Naomi Watanabe releases new clothing collaboration with Japanese restaurant chain Saizeriya

If you always dreamed of wearing a dress that is also a restaurant menu, here is your chance to make that dream come true.

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Instagram queen Naomi Watanabe poses for avant-garde photoshoot, slays fans

A sizzling photoshoot even Lady Gaga would envy.

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Big Angel: “Fat” J-Pop idol group who fell from heaven after eating too much 【Video】

A five-piece girl group like the Spice Girls, only larger and with nicknames like “Fried Chicken” and “Ham and Sausages”.

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Plus-size Thai model returns with even more genius low-cost food-themed cosplay

After going viral with her prawn cracker gown, Sine has upped her food cosplay game with meat, crisps, and enoki mushrooms.

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Naomi Watanabe models new Sailor Moon plus-size clothing range in Japan 【Photos】

The popular Japanese comedienne proves you don’t have to be petite to be a pretty Sailor Moon warrior.

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Plus-size Thai model’s super low-budget prawn cracker cosplay goes viral

This super-cute Thai girl shows there’s no barrier to high fashion!

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Plus-sized Naomi Watanabe is Japanese netizens’ latest fashion inspiration

Naomi Watanabe is the comedian-turned-model and fashion designer largely responsible for Japan’s pocchari, or chubby, trend which is still going strong, and paving the way for large and lovely girls nationwide, from idol group la BIG 3 to the more recent Shangrila maid cafe.

Now, Watanabe is making waves across Japanese social media for her fashion-forward hair.

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New plus-sized idol group hopes to broaden the image of beauty in Japan 【Video】

In the never-ending battle to be the next big thing, a new idol group made their debut on January 15–with “big” being the operative word. Featuring the same singing and dancing you’ve seen from the hundreds of idol groups before them, these five girls are trying to prove that even those who aren’t paper-thin can make it in the idol world.

What separates this group from the “marshmallow girls” before them? For one, they actually are plus-sized, and they are OK with that! Please welcome to the stage: Pottya.

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