Gudetama looks to replace the Easter Bunny by doing basically…nothing.

Though Japan isn’t generally considered a very religious country, there’s no doubt that people here love holidays. From now-established Christmas traditions to the growing popularity of Halloween, it seems like every major holiday gets a bit of attention these days. Easter, though, hasn’t made much of a splash — yet. We’re not sure if it’ll ever catch on like Christmas has, but it won’t be for lack of trying on the part of Gudetama, the laziest egg in Japan!

▼ “I wish I were stress free! Though I don’t really have any stress…”

As Sanrio characters go, Gudetama is certainly one the strangest. The unmotivated egg is usually depicted doing as little as possible — and people seem to love that about the uncooked yolk! If you’re a fan of the little lazy character, we have good news: Soon you’ll be able to eat him for Easter.

In a turn that’s probably incredibly macabre if you think about it too much, Fujiya, a chain of confectionery stores and cafes, has teamed up with Sanrio to deliver Gudetama treats just in time for Easter. The items include Gudetama Pudding and an Easter Gudetama roll cake and the packaging will feature Gudetama wearing bunny ears or peeking out of a decorated eggshell.

▼ Easter Gudetama Roll Cake


▼ Gudetama Pudding (Easter)


These items will be available for a limited time starting March 4 at Fujiya locations across the country. The puddings will sell for 180 yen (US$1.58) a piece and there will be 10 different packages to choose from. The roll cakes will cost 880 yen ($7.72) and there will be six package versions available.

And once you get done eating your Gudetama treats, you’ll have lots of calories to shed. So sweat them off by headbanging to some sweet tunes by Li-sa-X!

Sources: Entabe, Fujia
Images: Fujia